Thursday, October 13, 2016

driving directions

coming from the east, take I-80 to Des monies Iowa, take 35 north to Aime's, take 30 west to Dennison then turn north on 141 only stay on this for about 3 miles, 141 turns left or west stay on this till you get to down town Mapleton. There is only one traffic light so turn left at the light (I75) go about 3 miles you will go over a small river then look for a gravel road, 140th street, turn right, there will be a big sign that says Timber Ridge, go about 5 miles on 140th and start looking on your left for a sign that's says keep out members only, this is your turn, go  about a quarter mile look for a pole barn style house, blue, you should see my truck. In the event you miss the sign to our lodge, you will come to a stop sign this cross road is peach street, turn around and head back up the hill and look again for the sign that says members only. If you really get lost, the place your going too is called Timber Ridge you should be able to stop and ask for directions

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